There are no chestnuts roasting on an open fire this Christmas if you live in San Francisco, But, really, if you cared about science, freedom or tolerance you moved long ago so you don't mind. You may even be a member of the SPCC - the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Chestnuts. 

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District says light winds mean the air would be unsafe to breathe if residents burned actual wood in their fireplaces, so they have announced that wood burning will be banned Christmas Eve and probably on Christmas Day, too.

“We’re not picking these days for the fun of it or anything, it completely has to do with the science behind air pollution,” said air district spokesman Tom Flannigan.

Or not. They only discovered this 'science' in 2008 and it is the third time they have banned fireplaces on Christmas since then. It's hard to say which they are trying to undermine, Christmas or wood, which is the most sustainable, renewable industry we have and contributes nothing to pollution or climate change.

If you live in Frisco and Texas bans something, it is intolerance. If you ban something, it is 'leadership' and apparently science. Credit: Jussi Nukari/AFP/Getty Images. Link: KPIX San Francisco.

Who needs wood fires in 2013 anyway? Just exchange gifts of non-GMO rock salt and gluten-free meat and Spare The Air this Christmas Eve. Thanks for showing leadership once again, Frisco. Without you, we wouldn't have gotten bans on Happy Meals, golf or goldfish either.

Link: Bay Area Spare The Air Alert On Christmas Eve, Wood Burning Banned - CBS San Francisco.