First rule of being a university dean; you don't use grad students as slaves.    Instead, you wait until they get a Ph.D. and then pay them slave wages and call them post-doctoral fellows.  

Sheesh, everyone knows this, but St. John's University former dean Cecilia Chang was in charge of East Asian Studies so she knows more about Asians, namely that she could bully them into doing her laundry and whatever other menial jobs she had in mind and culturally they were going to have to take it.   Ahhhh, it's good to be in the humanities because you can show people your culture by exploiting them just like you would back home.

Or she thought that Catholic good works means letting students chauffeur her kids around.   She also embezzled $1 million before being busted so she was teaching her East Asian culture studies students about tithing.

Cecilia Chang
But she looks really nice.  Photo: Ellis Kaplan/NY Post

Since the average salary for a college dean in America is $212,000, and St. John's is not an average school, you'd think she could afford to pay illegal domestics the way everyone else in the New York does rather than treating students as indentured servants .   But the District Attorney in Queens is on the case, having handed her a 205-count indictment.