Can you be sure no one will get cancer if they only use cancer-free products?

Of course not, but anti-science kooks don't understand how cancer risk factors work and so Rep. Ted Deutch (D-Fla.) has proposed H.R. 6191, which would allow companies to apply to the government to allow their products to bear a "cancer-free" label. . It says approved labels would state, "This product does not contain known or likely carcinogens that increase your risk of cancer."

Is that a giant bureaucratic boondoggle waiting to happen?  Sure, the Food and Drug Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Agriculture and Consumer Product Safety Commission would all have to add people just to micromanage and test something meaningless.

But it's "transparency" right?  Companies that have absolutely nothing that could ever cause cancer should have nothing to worry about so it is truth in labeling - the same argument used about GMOs - and just as impossible to warranty.

The slippery slope of anti-science progressives has gotten a little steeper.

Dem proposes bill allowing some products to be labeled 'cancer-free' by Pete Kasperowicz -