In the upside-down is back-and-forth and cows-can-whinny department, we present the new head of the EPA saying that by taking over control of CO2 emissions and allowing unelected partisan officials to bypass Congress and directly implement the personal policies of the president, they can help the economy.

Honestly, as we approach 5 years into this presidency, do we really think anyone in the White House is helping the economy?  Good guy and all, funny, smart about most things, but bonkers when it comes to money. 

Brand new EPA head Gina McCarthy stayed solidly on message, telling the Harvard Law School (naturally) audience that more regulations, fees and taxes will spur innovation and boost the economy. An audience at Harvard Law School likely bought into that. If business has no choice, it will have to jump start a clean economy, right?

Sure, why not try a punitive approach?  Writing out checks for $72 billion to jump start a clean economy didn't work so it's time to get heavy-handed. Those businesses will either get clean or export even more jobs overseas. It isn't that the EPA is too heavy-handed, McCarthy believes, it is that it has not been heavy-handed enough, despite being the most arbitrary and punitive in the four decade history of the organization.

"Can we stop talking about environmental regulations killing jobs? Please, at least for today," said McCarthy. Well, sure, you are at Harvard Law School, they are paying $80,000 per year to go there, so they are happy to not worry about regulations killing jobs. Suing over those regulations are going to get them a vacation home.

New EPA chief: Climate controls will help economy By Dina Cappiello — Associated Press