It's a nightmare for Whole Foods shoppers; what if genetically modified crops produced by evil scientists who only care about profits for their employers (i.e., the same as every employee of Whole Foods and its organic Mega-Farm suppliers) are actually good for the ecosystem?

We already know that genetically modified foods are as good for people as organic foods - or better if you'd prefer not to get E. coli from your food. We also know that, despite the silly claims, organic food is incapable of feeding poor people while genetically modified foods have brought prosperity and nutrition to a billion people worldwide in the last decade, and they have done it without using more land and with less harmful pesticides.

A new study in Nature shows that genetically modified organisms have one more benefit; they provide a kind of 'herd immunity' umbrella for the entire ecosystem, the same way smart parents who give their kids vaccines are protecting the children of anti-science hippies who don't believe in vaccines - a demographic with a lot of overlap in organic food shoppers who distrust GMOs.

The 'halo effect' for organic food, provided by genetic modification.  Alex Berezow has the details.

GM Crops, Organic Food,&Delicious Irony By Alex B. Berezow, RealClearScience