Recently, President Obama made a clear endorsement of biotechnology.

That's good, right?

Maybe. He has also made clear endorsements of nuclear science and vaccines, yet his actions in five years have been anything but clear. His administration consistently opposes inconvenient science that disagrees with the beliefs of his base - and nothing offends a giant swath of Democrats like nuclear energy, GMOs and vaccines. 

But he is no longer running for anything and has only one more election for his party to think about, so he has postponed a decision on Keystone XL yet again but he hasn't outright overruled government scientists yet - and he refuses to even talk about Yucca mountain or the Aquadvantage salmon, but after November of 2014, when activists will no longer be able to turn on him, he may try to be that Scientist-In-Chief he always said he wanted to be.

The American Council on Science and Health also sounds an optimistic note about his latest assurance he loves science - and they have an interesting segment on social authoritarianism backfires regarding milk in American schools: