Just a short anecdote today, as I'm suffering from mind erasure.  There's a rich history of ragging on management, ranging from Dilbert to The Daily WTF.  As a card-carrying contrarian, I therefore bring you a tale of good leadership and upbeat endings within NASA.

The story starts out as inevitable tragedy.  A NASA worker wins a federal award, but cannot attend the ceremony because she'll be at a different NASA center that week.  She asks her higher up to accept the award on her behalf.  And, of course, the higher up can now step in and take all the credit, eh?

Except... said senior manager kindly suggested, no, that would steal the attention rightfully earned by said NASA worker.  People would instead associate the manager with the success, and that wouldn't be fair.  Perhaps the worker could find a nearby relative to attend the ceremony instead?

Just a pleasant tale of good leadership from the NASA trenches.  Happy Tuesday.

Alex, the daytime astronomer

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