Not all job rejections are equal. Being turned down from the 'Wally the Whale' fish sandwich stop at age 17, for example, was probably a blessing in disguise. Also humorous, as it was my first 'overqualified' experience-- I'd had 2 year's work at a seafood market prior.

That said, some jobs you just want more than others. I'm only a few weeks into my attempt at transitioning to a salaried science writing/web gig. So far the news is mixed. And mixed, as all job-hunters know, means either 'indetermined' or 'bad'.

Having just gotten the 'call of doom' from the first off my "really want" job list, though, I must say there are many bright sides to this. Here's my top 5 list on why job hunting rocks!
  1. Job hunting is just like shopping, and everyone loves shopping!
  2. I get to write more cover letters, which means talking about myself, whee!
  3. I can use the new, cool, trendy term 'funemployment'!
  4. I get to make a 'top 5 list', and everyone loves lists!
  5. I can misquote Nietzsche, ironically!

For anyone wondering whence the irony in that last one, Nietzsche is often misquoted as 'that which does not kill you makes you stronger'. But he wrote "that which does not kill me makes me stronger." He didn't care about you, after all. This makes him not as useful in job hunting as one might think, since job hunting is about joining a team, not callous self-development. So note to self, 'Nietzsche: not a team player'.

On the plus side, this is just rejection #1, I still have resumes out, people are sending me leads, and I've wrapped up a neat opinion piece, accepted into August's "Physics Today", on science and the web. I am and will be a science communicator. It's just a question of where and for how much.

      Sci writ ISO a salary, housebroken, friendly. Pls help, thx.

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