This week's PhD Comic lists the 4 'research topics guaranteed to be picked up by the new media':

  1. Chocolate
  2. Robots
  3. Unrealistic Sci-Fi gadgets
  4. Experiments that might blow up the world

So far I'm at best 1 for 4, having covered Earth in peril in Jupiter Ignites! and in Secrets in the L4/L5 Gravity Wells.  Which also happen to be most two most-trafficed articles.  So clearly Jorge, the comic's author, is onto something.

With that in mind, my readers can expect a piece on space robots in the next few weeks, as well as an in-depth look at neat space gadgetry that may or may not only exist in movies.  And perhaps another world cataclysm or two.

But the problem remains, how can I connect chocolate and space?  Well, they have found evidence of Sugar in space.  Can cocoa beans be that far behind?  Perhaps... perhaps cocoa beans put there by robots, using ultra-futuristic tech!

So, see you shortly, as soon as I finish my research into the future choco-riffic robots poised to destroy the Earth!

Alex, the daytime astronomer

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