Behold true tales of procrastination!  Learn whether to get a PhD!  Or just kick back and enjoy fall.  Enjoy another science webcomics interlude!  The first two are 'long form', so follow their links to get the full story.  The last, a poetic commentary on the new Fall season, stands on its own.

First, an overlap of Science and Comic-Con-- the full comic has the entire tale.

 first page of recent PhDComics
The ever-lovin' (follow link to full comic)

This next was far too big to fit here, so we'll only include the question, and let you follow it to hear the answer.  It's a very... truthful answer.

 part one-- the question
Don't you want to know the answer?

And, of course, one should look at the nuance in the relationship between advisor and PhD candidate, between mentor and student.  A moment of reflection.

a PhD in Fall
 And PhDComics is back with a haiku-like stand-alone.

Time to fall off the tree, everyone.

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