What is it, this life that we are presented with? Human history has brought us from bands roaming, hunting, each day guided by mere survival, through villages and great empires of mortar and steel. It has brought us to this electronic specialized abstraction of living, gathering food from supermarkets, mass produced, convenient transfers of life energy; connecting with other human life through wires and radio waves; a massively complex organism striving, for what? Survival, for growing numbers of people, is matter of fact. Chasing after material objects, that fleeting fame and what? Everything is an abstraction from currency to how we obtain that currency, our dwellings far larger than necessary for absolute survival. We manipulate ourselves, rather than the omnipotent power, nature, manipulating us, more and more. Even the food we eat from corn to cattle are abstraction of their original existences, altered to suit our needs. We have been the major influences on the world around us; diverting rivers, cutting and pasting organic resources, nudging flora and fauna to mutate to its most beneficial state in terms of our convenience and delight, stacking dwellings hundreds high, even possibly adjusting the entire global climate, many of these procedures done subconsciously, until recently. Our creations once made with brushes and drums are now created with 0s and 1s. We have harnessed even the most basic elements of existence from electromagnetic to weak nuclear forces, now even plunging deep into our own genetic codes to directly rein in our own evolutionary potential.

So many of our daily existences are solely dedicated to the most trivial of tasks, breaking every part of everybody’s lives and routines into qualified delegated tasks. Everything we look at in particular in cities is designed to sell something, buses, buildings, fashion, food, entertainment, education and health, all advertisements whose existence is to keep us in this cycle of capitalistic society and to increase the amount and value of that originator of all human abstraction, the items we mark as the worth of everything. And this is the best system we have devised yet as a collective species. All these institutions are in place to keep a society of billions functioning and the humans under the banner of the capitalistic societies with a margin of liberty.

So why have we come to be such a giant complex society. To what end? The survival of our species on this planet? This hugely complex, massively intelligent, autonomous entity exists merely to perpetuate earth’s life’s existence? We have come far beyond merely the recognition of our existence to the point of understanding the physical fundamentals of our existence. We are here, and we know that no one (thing) can save us but ourselves. Everything at its most basic can be understood in terms of waves, circles projected through time. Under specific circumstances the entirety of the universe is one, all the same, the singularity. From that singularity arose everything, in all its variety. The principle of entropy requires that as time progresses everything become more chaotic. Humanity exists in a flash on a burnt out ember of the creation of the universe. It has taken billions of years for the initial chemical reaction that created what we consider life, to the point at which the universe was aware of its own existence. We are the consciousness of the universe. Quite literally.

And now that we, the part of the universe that is conscious, have come to be, what do we do? Simply be aware, and ensure we continue to be aware? Or are we striving for something else? Does this imply some sort of higher power, or does the idea of such a “thing” just make things make less sense? If that sentence is an answer as well as a question, then the latter is true.