Happy Birthday to you, the sweeties who don't even eat cake! I am honoring here three sweet ones. One that just turned one today. OK I don't even know her but she must be sweet like all baby girls.

The other is Barbie who is 50 this year. She surely does not eat cake. She allegedly keeps her figure by not eating.

Then I celebrate the oldest woman still living on this planet. Sakhan Dosova - - a Kazakh - - was born on March 27, 1879, according to the Daily Mail. She has said to have never eaten sweets. Does her definition of sweets include baklava? Does she like pistachios?

Kazakhstan is being extra careful to verify her 130 years due to all the political changes this dear lady has lived through. At least, whether as old as the lightbulb or not, we know now Sakhan never ate a birthday cake.

Do you like cakes?

Credit: Wikipedia.

Go ahead. Have a virtual slice of this virtual cake with my best wishes for a healthy and happy life.