"Wikileaks.org was founded by Chinese dissidents, journalists, mathematicians, and technologists from the United States, China, Taiwan, Europe, Australia, and South Africa. Its Web site became operational in early 2007. The advisory board for Wikileaks.org includes journalists, cryptographers, a former US intelligence analyst, and expatriates from Chinese, Russian, and Tibetan refugee communities. The ACIC does not have any information to associate or link the former US intelligence analyst on the Wikileaks.org advisory board with the leakage of sensitive or classified DoD documents posted to the Web site."

"Wikileaks.org uses its own coded software combined with Wiki, MediaWiki, OpenSSL, FreeNet, TOR, and PGP to make it difficult for foreign governments, FISS, law enforcement agencies, and foreign businesses to determine where a leaked document originated from and who was responsible for leaking the document. The goal of Wikileaks.org is to ensure that leaked information is distributed across many jurisdictions, organizations, and individual users because once a leaked document is placed on the Internet it is extremely difficult to remove the document entirely."

The above snippets come from a leaked document from United States Army Counterintelligence Center (ACIC), Cyber Counterintelligence Assessments Branch; Department of Defence Intelligence Analysis Program. [http://file.wikileaks.org/file/us-intel-wikileaks.pdf]

An interesting document showing how the fight between freedom and control is a battle of technology, counter-technology and counter-counter-technology. It is a tit-for-tat game for the right to know what corporations and governments are doing. The price of freedom for Wikileaks is $600,000 per year. They currently have enough funds to carry a skeleton service, but the site is up again after a couple of months being empty of new documents. If you've never been to Wikileaks it is worth having a look.

Free speech is free when the content is empty, but when free speech involves real information about corruption and illegality those messengers have to protect their sources, the information and themselves.