Thinking of heading down to the Ms. Adrenaline Swimsuit Competition? Not surprising.  Sex attracts and naked bodies flaunted for all to see, attract even more. Researchers from four universities across the US and Canada prodded into our sexual habits to answer the question of what characteristics attract us to our mates. The results were published in the journal Personality And Individual Differences, with a trend line showing those with hard bodies, a curvy waist-hip ratio and strong chin lines tend to be better in bed but perhaps more apt to cheat.

Nothng wrong with a hottie sporting a small bikini and large chin, you say. Well, that may be because it appeals to the neaderthal in you. A stronger chin, especially on adult females, is associated with the male growth hormone testosterone and too much of that bad boy can lead to messing around. It seems on an unconscientious level men sense this trend and are biased against a more masculine chin. Well, most men. Brad Pitt, quite famously, does prefer women with a strong jawline. Given that his preference might skew the results, I suspect he wasn't included in the study.

Science and Sex

"The findings are important in demonstrating that perceptions of women as desirable and trustworthy long-term mates can be reliably gleaned by men from viewing only the women's facial features.

"Results suggest that information about women's sexual unrestrictedness, which is related to their risk of infidelity, can potentially be conveyed by the masculinity of women's faces."

Hogwash you say? Perhaps you are already hooked up a hardbody who is perfect for you. Well, they may cheat, but you may also have found a sexual goldmine. Women (and perhaps men) with harder, more masculine features are more sexually aggressive in bed, a trait that ups their score with most partners.

Brad, it seems, is onto something...