The August 2008 issue of Integrative and Comparative Biology has the following papers in a special section entitled Evolution vs. creationism in the classroom: evolving student attitudes. Teaching evolution: challenging religious preconceptions by Eric C. Lovely and Linda C. Kondrick Trickle-down evolution: an approach to getting major evolutionary adaptive changes into textbooks and curricula by Kevin Padian Still creationism after all these years: understanding and counteracting intelligent design by Barbara Forrest Thomism and science education: history informs a modern debate by Linda C. Kondrick Teaching evolution (and all of biology) more effectively: strategies for engagement, critical reasoning, and confronting misconceptions by Craig E. Nelson Curricular reform and inquiry teaching in biology: where are our efforts most fruitfully invested? by Brianna E. Timmerman, Denise C. Strickland, and Susan M. Cartsensen