A story in the local newspaper related how a pit bull was turned into the animal shelter after having been found abandoned in a ditch with all of its teeth filed down to the exposed roots, emaciated by starvation (weighing less than 40 pounds), and having just given birth to 9 puppies that morning.  The mother also had a few pressure sores from where bones rubbed against skin.  All the puppies still had the umbilical cords attached and were wet.

This level of human cruelty and stupidity is beyond understanding and one wonders what could be done to bring such behaviors under control.

Perhaps the best solution is to treat these people just like sexual predators.  They should be forced to register on a list as animal abusers and prohibited from ever owning or interacting with animals again. Then their faces should be publicized everywhere (including the internet) so that everyone can recognize just what kind of people they are.  If they are willing to engage in such acts, then they shouldn't be intimidated about being known for it.

Let's shine a light on these dregs of humanity, so that they can't hide nor pretend that they resemble anything that is representative of being human.