While one can't reasonably assume all corporations are corrupt, it is little wonder why so many people are adopting a much more cynical attitude.  

HSBC got their hand slapped.  Of course, none of those responsible were charged with anything.

AIG ex-CEO manages to reflect its disdain for tax payers (1).

As I said, one can't simply reflect results like this on all corporations, but one thing is becoming increasingly clear.  If you are wealthy, or simply "too big to fail", then there are no legal repercussions, nor penalties.  Whoever said that "no one is above the law"?

Of course, let's not overlook our pharmaceutical friends (2).

On the lighter side, one can always consider the mass idiocy in rejecting something that is free.

For those counting on the media to keep track of this, we have the "new skepticism".

Welcome to the new oligarchy.
(1)  Note, in fairness, while AIG was considering joining the suit filed by the ex-CEO, they apparently thought better of it.

(2) Original article link