Okay, now I'm really upset. I've been watching the news, and hearing all about the financial crisis hitting our country, and spreading throughout the world. AIG begs for a handout, and then goes on a $400K week-long retreat. (I'm not happy.) The Dow Jones that was above 14,000 a year ago is hanging on by its fingernails to stay in the 8000's this morning. Over 60% of the homeowners out there have mortgages that are higher than their current home values.

Mother's Cookies

But today, the final hit. Mother's Cookies abruptly closed its doors today, and filed for bankruptcy. Those wonderful pink and white frosted animal crackers are just the most recent causality of an economy in the toilet bowl. Not to mention we’ve also lost my son’s personal favorite, the little butter cookies that look like flowers with a hole in the middle. He wears them like rings on his fingers, and munches away at them in complete bliss.

Looks like we’re going to have to make a store run and stock up while they last…