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Canadian Activists Wants To Ban Decabromodiphenyl Ethane - That's Bad News For The Public Worried About Fire Safety

The activist group Environment and Climate Change Canada has gotten political allies inside the...

The Dose Makes The Poison - And That Is Why Venom May Soon Be A New Medicine

In the 16th century, it was shown by Paracelsus that 'the dose makes the poison' - too much medicine...

The Secret Role I Played In 'Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness'

You never want to introduce a spoiler into an article so I am warning you now, before you read...

One Way Solar Is Better Than Nuclear - Going To Mars

Imagine a world where government decided they would mandate and subsidize existing cellular phones...

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Suicides and other mental health issues, as well as general deaths, went up during the pandemic in 2020 and veterans were not excluded. But they fared better than the general population, which is good news for Veteran's Day.
Riding a wave of government mandates and subsidies, and ignoring that fossil fuel usage to create electricity is identical to what it was before a trillion dollars in additional subsidies for solar and wind alternatives, electric cars are now everywhere.
Writing in The Daily Beast, William Bredderman notes that the self-proclaimed whistleblower organization US Right To Know has a seedy undercurrent of malevolence; its relationship to the anti-vaccine movement. 

Welcome to the party. Get ready for your readers to be told you must have been bought off by Monsanto or Pfizer. While USRTK will claim its own funding has no impact at all on their content. 
If we want people to trust disease epidemiologists during the COVID-19 pandemic - and the next pandemic after that, since this was the third one of just coronavirus in 17 years - then we have to start holding suspect epidemiologists accountable.
During the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, 28 states experienced higher gun deaths, including suicides. New York, Minnesota, and Michigan saw numbers go up more than 100 percent, according to a recent paper. Only Alaska, which often leads the US, had significantly lower rates of gun deaths during that period.

Children have a higher tolerance for thrills than most parents believe.  In 1989, when Disney returned to form with "The Little Mermaid", Ursula was among the scariest villains ever. She got impaled by the mast of a ship. That didn't bother kids a bit.

It's more often parents that are overthinking this stuff. I am not saying you should hand your 6-year-old a "Saw" DVD but for the second consecutive year of the pandemic let's stop the usual apocalyptic worry about sugary treats plus the concern about COVID-19. They'll be okay on both counts. 

Here are 4 reasons why we as a society need to dial it down on Sunday, and maybe every day after that.