University of Rajasthan, which was the only university founded in the State of Rajputana in 1946 and is now known as Rajasthan, was meant for the entire Rajasthan population of around 20 million. Its constitution was framed in 1946 based on Gurukul philosophy;  the king will support education but not interfere in its functioning. Hence the highest body of the University i.e. syndicate, shall have 4 Government representative and one Director of College education and the rest will be from amongst the University system. 

This worked for a long period of time and Government never interfered in the day to day functioning of the University during earlier days of inception. However, asking for the financial help from Government resulted in signing of MOU and riders. The King was gone. The concept was gone. All other Universities founded in the state did not have that part of act in their acts which empowered syndicate of University of Rajasthan to appoint and determine the salary and service conditions of teachers. The power of appointment was taken away.

Out of total staff of 900 or so teachers it is now reduced to 450 or so. Still, in Indian Science Congress Prime Minister of India rated the University of Rajasthan in open lecture as having the highest citation index from amongst 50 topmost institutions of the country. Scholars from this University occupied some of the highest positions in the country, almost 20 Vice Chancellors, members of the planning commission, around 50 ministers and almost 100 MLA have their roots in this University fraternity.

Internationally, dozens of its scholars have had prestigious fellowships, from almost all the global agencies including Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Rockefeller foundation, Japan and Canada. Almost 200 foreign students studied in this University at a point of time. The young and budding staff also has its recognition at national and international level.

There is basic change in the concept of University and at present the University of Rajasthan is divided into around a dozen smaller Universities based on cities, like Kota, Ajmer, Udaipur, Jodhpur and faculties like Rajasthan Technical University, Rajasthan Medical University, Sanskrit University, Law University, Ayurveda University. Recently, 7 new Universities have been created by the Govt of Rajasthan i.e. Bharatpur, Sikar, Alwar etc. Besides this Rajasthan has now over 24 Universities with almost a dozen concentrated in Jaipur alone.   

A university may have 25,000 students but does it have 25 world renowned scholars? The concept of research and teaching is gone. Most of the Universities and also Govt Institutions hardly produce any research with any impact factor as their main motive is to earn money and make new buildings increase the number of students. They don’t get any financial support but still they multiply their number of institutions.

Government has also started behaving the same. When University of Rajasthan was established its VC Dr Mohan Singh Mehta took pains to invite galaxy of Professors from all over India and the University of Rajasthan still boasts of high standards of research carried out in its glorious period and even today even with limited staff. Still, in the city highest number of applications and rush for admission is for Mahrajas and Maharanis college and other constituent colleges of University of Rajasthan. Why? Its investment of time, money and support from Government and devotion of teaching staff. Teachers are born, not made. What will happen if teachers are appointed at minimum salary for minimum period of time and asked to do teaching alone with no research. Can there be good teaching without good research?