It is almost impossible to ascribe different happenings on the earth like Tsunami, Volcanic eruptions, or Tornadoes, or Floods, or droughts or melting of glaciers in different parts of the world to some simple phenomenon : climate change. What is climate change ? In simple terms permanent change in temperature and weather conditions of a place . However the random phenomenon cannot be ascribed to climate change theory, my friends will argue that such things keep on happening in some sort of cycles. I am of the opinion around 85 percent of the earth surface was forest some centuries ago. Man made encroachments on land , sea, air and its greed to exploit more water, more fossil fuel, to have more productivity is causing enormous pressure on earth resources. One cant expect human civilization to go back and start living on trees again but one can care for the trees which are principle source of human survival on earth. At least some studies can throw light what would be effect of these global happenings if there are thick forests around us to protect the human beings. Earth is a living entity and its resources are finite. It may seem exaggeration but if each one person plants one tree earth will be green again. My hypothesis is that there has to be sustainable development and not one way traffic from forests to concrete jungles, from sea shores to atomic reactors, from river banks to colonization’s, and extensive deforestation to meet fuel needs instead of producing biofuels or renewable sources of energy or regenerating forests. I have witnessed that even in countries like SWEDEN which have most suitable climate , forests could not be regenerated like the original ones. It takes hundreds of years for making of soil profile of 30 cm and once it is gone its very difficult to regenerate the forests again as all the land productivity remains in this portion only. My humble submission is protect nature to protect human beings. My heartfelt sympathies to all the people suffering on the earth due to natural calamities but why they are happening so often is a matter of urgent attention.