Floods in a country,or several countries, rapid Tsunamis around the world (taking place at a faster rate), temperatures rising - do they not provide enough proof that climate change is taking place. Though as per strict definition a climate change must be permanent alteration of environmental conditions of a place or continent. Are these changes permanent ? NO. But every thing is changing from bad to worst. Is is not a climate change ? Carbon emissions apart if you look around your house: the forest is destroyed to make more houses forests are destroyed to make more electricity, more wells are dug and deeper wells are dug to support more and more population explosion. I wonder why the problems are addressed in correct order: Population is rising demands for energy and fuel and water are increasing over exploitation of natural habitat at coastal, inland, river areas is taking place. River banks are destroyed. Hill tops are denuded of vegetation soil erosion is taking place , rivers are drying . Change is vegetation can be witnessed by frequent forest fires, floods. What is needed is awareness not to destroy nature for raising or meeting human needs and some kind of population check is also required in one region and over exploitation of natural resources in the other. This is climate change and do we need some studies to debate if the climate change is taking place or not.