India follows China's footsteps, to announce emission cuts today Buzz Up Share Twitter Delicious Myspace Digg Stumble Upon Facebook Thu, Dec 3 11:55 AM New Delhi, Dec 3 (ANI): Following in China's footsteps, India has also decided to slow down the growth of greenhouse gas emissions. Last week, China had claimed that it would cut carbon emissions up to 45 percent by 2020. India has decided to cut its carbon intensity by 24 percent by 2020. Japan to urge China for bigger CO2 cut target EU leaders want details on China emissions plan India is at present under immense pressure to pronounce the details of how it would cut its carbon intensity. New Delhi's position will strengthen at the Copenhagen summit if it is successful in its aim. Minister of State for Environment and Forests Jairam Ramesh said, "We now have taken on performance targets in energy, building, forestry and various sectors of the economy. We are not going to be taking any legally binding emission cuts. That is simply out of the question, but we can look at various alternatives. Incidentally, our carbon intensity is very low. "The Chinese have just announced a carbon intensity decline by 2020 and according to that, they will be in the year 2020 where India was in 2005 as far as carbon intensity is concerned." With this stand, India is under immense pressure to set emissions targets ahead of the Copenhagen summit. The western countries are imposing their pressure on India to quantify the cuts. To add to that, the developed countries want India to draw out and state a plan that India will follow to cut its emissions. (ANI)