During recent visit to France I encountered my old friend working on biofuels telling me" Jatropha is a means of keeping underdeveloped countries underdeveloped"
That was contrary to all the ideas that are developing around the globe. He even told me that its way to grab land in the name of Jatropha cultivation.
He persistently asked me what is the yield per ha of Jatropha cultivation. If soils are good why not grow wheat instead of Jatropha.
Many a times good instruments fall in wrong hands and Jatropha could be one such example.
However our experience of introducing Jatropha as fences for fuel and motivating village women to adopt it for supplementing their income by raising hedges has been successful
However if you dont have good accessions and planting material the  failure is of your technological background and not of Jatropha . Besides gain of bio-fuel the untold gain to the environment is immense .
Only you need proper accessions, proper technology, proper climate and soil conditions to achieve the unachievable . What has been your experience. People love Jatropha as an alternative fuel provider . Is is real or myth.