“The Company intends to generate wealth out of the waste lands in sustainable and ethical manner. It proposes to supply eco-friendly fuel to the transport sector and organic manure to the farm sector. India imports 72 percent of crude oil for meeting domestic needs and the import bill for crude oil is currently around $14 billion per year. With the increased production and use of Biodiesel, the country will gradually reduce its dependence on huge imports of crude fossil oil and become self-sufficient in auto fuel in 20 years. The Company expects that its pioneering efforts would contribute to proliferation of Non-edible oil tree plantations and Biodiesel plants, resulting in reduction of import bill on account of fossil fuels and the consequent pollution. The integrated and self reliant approach adopted by the company, encompassing, all the activities, starting from Nursery to distribution of Biodiesel and effective utilization of Byproducts, such as Oil Cake and Glycerin would make it successful.”