To make the bio-diesel from Calotropis Procera. I have searched a lot on internet and journals on this plant. I want to know that this plant is better than the Jatropha for this purpose. I wnat your help on this because I have a very few days left and I have to submit the plan. The first question possibly will be "Prove that Calotropis is better option then Jatropha. Question by Nitin Lahoti My answer to the question to prove that Calotropis is better option is as below. There are 5 main considerations in terms of a. Biomass production b. land availability, c. cropping requirements d. harvesting techniques e. regeneration potential. Calotropis beats Jatropha on all the five points 1. Its biomass production is better in climatic conditions where Jaropha cant survive for example there are only 11 districts of Rajasthan where Jatropha can be grown but all the districts of Rajasthan are suitable for Calotropis. On global level also Calotropis is better option as it can grow at 50 degree centrigrate without irrigation even in deserts of Jaisalmer or in Africa or middle east . Land availability is not limiting factor, Harvesting techniques for Calotropis are simple, c There are no cropping requirements for Calotropis d. regeneration potential is immense for Calotropis However the basic difference is Jatropha yield non edible oil which is simple to esterify and use for biofuel On the contrary Calotropis produces hydrocarbons which needs hydrocracking which is expensive and technology is not available at least to my knowledge I invite people to comment on technology to convert hydrocarbons from Laticiferous plants on economically viable manner on large scale on two counts, 1. Procedure to extract hydro carbons from cells by solvent extraction or critical point 2. Conversion technology for biofuel or biocrude by hydrocracking.