Ashwgandha (Withania somnifera) is commonly known as old mens lathi ( support for ageing people) as it helps to restore memory loss or at least delays the degenration of neurons during ageing process. However the price of ashwagandha roots depends on the place of its origin. Nagaroi aswagandha is cosidered to be best. It come from somewhere in Madhya Pradesh on the borders of Rajasthan or approximately Mandsor area . I could never locate its production area but it is sold by this name. Many people have tried it to grow and sell but the market forces determine the price of the crude drug. A particular thikness size of the little finger is ideal as the thick roots supposedly have poor medicinal value and likewise thin roots have also low market value. I dont know what is the chemistry behind this pricing pattern or usefulness as I am not aware if some scientific data is available on this aspect. However there is a need to have some kind of quality control and testing of the crude drugs on a scientific basis besides determining their shelf life.