Taxonomical studies have been undertaken in British India by famous botanists Duthies ( Duthies flora of Upper Gangetic plains in several volumes) , Flora of Punjab etc. Royal botanical garden of Calcutta ( now named Kolkatta) and the adjoining Botanical Survey of India herbarium along with Kew gardens of Kew, London and adjoining Herbaria have world’s best collections

Taxonomy was studied by botanists as well as people from other disciplines. Taxonomist tracked thousands of miles across the country. Students of botany were trained to identify the plants and study floral structures. Now people think there is no need to know about plants. My fellow told me what if we don’t know the name of the plants or where to find them if we know their genome. Some time ago I heard a top class lecture where plant of moss was used as experimental material. Knowing genome of Arabidopsis is very important but sometime I felt those who have studies genome of this plant probably can’t differentiate this plant for a mix of plants of same family on taxonomic basis alone.

Study of plant is important and their identification is all the more important

This is because we can’t depend on existing plant resources. World would require taxonomist who can identify the plants in the field and tell about its economic importance as a new and renewable sources of food, fiber and energy as with the reducing area for agriculture by increasing urbanization and industrialization and decreasing water tables would require plants that can withstand changed climatic conditions and still produce resources for survival of human beings.

WWF has started projects on documentation of vegetations in different parts.

It’s time we pay more attention to traditional sciences also before it’s too late.