The population of Jaipur was only one lac in 1947 which increased to 28 lacs and at present is 48 lacs ( 4.8 million) which is more than population of a geographically small country. The news paper reports say that its requirement of 48 crore litre ( 480 million litre) of water per day cannot be enhanced despite the scorching heat because there is no extra ground water and it cannot get the extra water from Bisalpur dam (a dam some 150 km or so away from Jaipur ). The Ramgarh dam which has supplied Jaipur for several decades is dried up. With builders and property developers giving attractive schemes the pressure on water resources is increasing every day. Almost 26 districts of Rajasthan have dark zones with limited water supply or water with high levels of salinity and fluoride contents. I always wonder what method the Maharaja of Jaipur employed some 250 years or more to lay down the foundation stone of Jaipur where water table was only 50 feet deep in the walled city , ( Presently it has gone 150 feet or more ) However on a radius of 40 km around Jaipur be it Chaksu , Jobner , or miday to Ajmer , or areas before Dausa almost on all the directions water is saline and salinity is increasing. Colonizers are making huge colonies in these areas unmindful of water tables, water quality or public health and future water availability. . With forest vegetation vanishing due to manmade activities which also includes tunnels , colonies , mining etc in my opinion its quite alarming situation for human survival in this part of earth which falls in line with most famous deserts of the world. Time is running out . Make a check on environmental issues including ground water availability, vegetation cover and forest conservation activities before its too late . Who knows what will happen in next 50 years ?