There is debate on whether global warming is taking place or not ? On World Environment day CHEC India organised valuable national seminar under leadership of President Professor H. S. Sharma. 
It is a matter of great concern that temperatures in India now range from 47.9  to even 48  or almost touching 49 degrees Centigrade not in Jaisalmer or Barmer but also in areas where such temperatures were not recorded earlier.  Day before yesterday I was in hill station Kasauli and it was not much different . Hills stations face the fury of winds from plains as the vegetation cover which prevented them is gone or partially gone. Simla in summers experiences 34 degree centigrade . In Jaipur and Rajasthan  Wells have gone dry. Water tables going down. 
Jaipur when I came in childhood during 1950,s I still remember no fans were required and in a hotel on roof top in city centre Jaipur Hotel we required quilts in the month of June . Morning temperatures will be very pleasant. Now Jaipur surrounded on all sides by hills  and hills encroached for mining activities,  tree felling  on all sides legally or illegally, have gone barren. 
Barren hills act life reflectors and Jaipur almost burns in the day time. Those who are living here for last 60 years can tell if local warming is taking place or not. Water table in city area has gone down from 40 feet to 180 feet. The population of Jaipur in 1947 was one lac and is now over 50 lacs . 
Forests have almost  vanished in Jaipur. Ramgarh lake  is dry.  Most of the water bodies are destroyed and sold out. 
Glaciers are increasing or decreasing, global warming is taking place or not taking place but people are suffering from loss of plants as plants are the only mechanism on earth to keep it cool. 
Plants also provide shelter to scores of homeless people which can be seen huddled under the trees. Plant more trees to save earth. That will be true tribute to the world environment day.