One survey listed 8 cities of India where green cover has increased Alas Jaipur was not in the list. Jaipur a city basically surrounded by the hills on three sides having a mansager lake in the city a amber mavtha in original Jaipur was once filled with water . Jaipur was one city where trees were seen in Chaura Rasta and Johari Bazar ( some remnants are still there) I always wonder how the buisness interests attracting tourists to Jaipur also start caring for its green cover. How the hills could be preveted from getting barren and lake drying alltogether. Probably its the love for trees which has to inculcated in the school children to protect trees and propagate the message that this time Jaipur will in the category of 8 cites which include Delhi, Nagpur, Bangalore etc among other where forest or green cover is reported to increase.