Jaipur the world famous pink city has lost its amber fort mawtha or reservoir which did not fill this rainy season. Its water source Ramgarh lake has dried up because its water channels have been blocked by colonisers. The vegetation of Ramgarh forest has declined and forest cover has also declined Plants have associations like humans and one plant is cut from the association it affects others also. e.g. cutting of Boswellia serrata and Sterculia urens from the hill tops has affected the vegetation of Diospyros malanoxylon which are found in its association. The plants whihch make hills green Anogeissus pendula suffers from terminte attack once these cover plants are gone. Loss of plant cover results in soil from the hill tops Once the soil is not bound by the plant roots on the hills the rainwater takes it away and deposits in the ponds down below. Water channels are blocekd by man made encroachments for greed of colonizers and by sifting sands . This is causing filling of water ponds at Amber as well as Ramgarh. Some years ago excercise was done to remove soil from the beds of Ramgarh. But to our utmost surprise during last 5 years vast areas of famous Jal Mahal have been filled with sand in order to promote tourist spots. Sooner of later Jal Mahal will no more be a lake with the Eichhornia making its appearance. When sources of water were lost in Jaipur to the deforestation and growing population pressure attepts were made to bring water from a dam over 150 km at Bisalpur . Let me ask when this dam will also dry up where the people of Jaipur will go and where the tourist would find their city on the world map. All persons who love must plant at least one tree per person as it can bring back the old glory of the city and restore its environment. Please plnat only those trees which are in its natural habitat and dont import trees like palms which cant survive in this climate of heat and semi arid conditions. I would publish some list of plants which are suitable for the area. However for successful plantation the deep digging of pits in March is essential and leaving it open for three to four months makes it free from termites and other pests as the dry heat takes them away. Filling the pits one third with mature cow dung or FYM along could make it ameable for plant growth. If you love Jaipur send message of eco restoration otherwise there will be no city left life Jaipur after 100 years from now Love Jaipur Plant trees Love Rajasthan Plant trees Love India plant trees Love this earth plant trees for its survival and survival of our children if you love them plant trees for our future geneartions Should we not give our children the environment that we inherited from our forefathers. Give them fresh air Make this earth Green again. say Hamaro Harit Rajathan, our green Rajasthan say our green earth Plant a tree to save our own life. Follow the drive of