Will Jaipur live for another 50 years or not ? There are some reasons to be looked into the matter why Jaipur may not survive another 50 years. 1. Greed of builders to make buildings and selling them at high price irrespective of water level, fluoride contents. 2. Pollution of water by paper and textile industry of sanganer, Jaipur 3. Disproportional growth of Rajasthan where 90 percent of the institutions are based in Jaipur leading to almost 60 percent growth 4. Population of Jaipur was around one lack in 1946 which has grown to 60 lacks or more in a radius of 60 km on all the four sides. 5. Congested roads, over populations and traffic jams are order of the day. 6 Mining activity has destroyed the forests on Jhalana hills in and around Jaipur. Some dams have dried with no tears shed . 6. There were very good forest nurseries in Ramgarh and also in Jaipur now there are no such nurseries left which have rich biodiversity. 7. Hills of Galta are barren now 8. Amber and Jaigarh fort hills are suffering from termite attacks on trees and soon will not have trees any more. 8. Degradation of vegetation is causing hills to lose sands and ultimately the fort of Amber will be lost to ruins 8. Deforestation on the hills of Amber fort to make it tourist resort will cause cracks in Amber fort as plants only keep the hills together. 9. Drying of mawatha of amber is national loss. 10 Almost all the water bodies are gone including Mansager lake which will also dry up shortly due to tourist hotels in and around it and encroachments on all the sides for tourist activity. 11. Ramgarh dam is dry due to illegal selling of lands 12. Visit the area beyond Rangarh towards and Andhi and see the ruining of forests and mining activities which have all the stakeholders of different level and colours Who cares for nature ? Remember this is blueprint of destruction of Jaipur in next 50 years as no population can drink fluoride water and live on houses built on earth without underground water or wells having polluted water. Bisalpur water cant sustain Jaipur and Rajasthan Remember what will happen if there is no water in Bisalpur also as all dams have active life of 50 years or so. So you decide if Jaipur will survive.