Last night, I watched "The Incredible Hulk," starring Ed Norton.  Although I had been disappointed in the 2003 film adaptation of "The Hulk,"  starring Eric Bana, I thought a Hulk movie would be good research for me, as I'm working an article called, "Hollywood's Top 10 Sexiest Male Scientists."

What after all, could be more sexy than a gigantic, green, angry scientist? Ed Norton as Bruce Banner? I could dig it.

So, I settled into my green couch, certain that this film adaptation would redeem The Hulk in my eyes.

I was wrong. In fact, I would be hard pressed to decide which of the two Hulk movies was better or worse. They are equally awful. Godawful.

There was no plot.
No chemistry between Ed Norton and Liv Tyler.

I really, really wanted to turn it off and call it a night, but I made it through until the boring end.

Ed Norton is not on my top 10 sexiest male scientist list.