We're always looking for new ways to add value to the science community.   Sure, other sites may offer the usual boring job placement listings or forums on how to write effective grant proposals, but we all know how to get jobs.   

What not everyone knows is how to get a date.   

So  today we are unveiling our newest feature for the science community; the Scientific Blogging Dating Service.    

If you are one of the millions of lonely scientists that cant seem to find anybody nearly as smart or interesting as you, look no further!   We have compiled a unique love matching system specifically for  scientists and science enthusiasts.  We've already have a few sign-ups so browse our selection and let science guide you to love.

: Eugene, geneticist

Looking for: Sexy science sweetheart that shares my love of nucleotide bases and is willing to dedicate time to reducing bacterial resistance, and tending to my pea garden…wink wink

Favorite color: Definitely phosphorescent green

Favorite organism: Euglena, because they swing both ways

Hero: Gregor Mendel

Enjoys: solving punnet squares, throwing famous scientists parties, drinking shots out of beakers and wearing lab coat in public

Ideal first date: Comic-Con convention dressed as Luke and Mayra Jade Skywalker

Favorite TV show: Battlestar Galactica


Name: Matilda, theoretical astrophysics

Looking for: Intelligent hunk interested in discovering the center of the universe. Hint: it is me.

Favorite color: inky purple. Far off nebulas are always purple.

Favorite organism: None, do you not understand what an astrophysicist is? Please exit the airlock if that is the case. Exception: if they are bacterial organisms found on other plants sustaining life

Hero: Neil Armstrong, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Enjoys: Euclidian Geometry, discussing the properties of dark matter, making up new types of string theory to see if anyone notices and, of course, showing you why I am the center of the universe.

Ideal First date: planetarium, star-gazing, gazing at me.

Favorite TV show: Farscape


Name: William, biochemistry

Looking for: Biochemistry researcher looking for a covalent bond or some spontaneous reactions

Favorite color: Amber

Favorite organism: yeast baby

Hero:  Arthur Harden, Nobel Prize winning scientist for studies on enzymatic fermentation, tied with Jean Luc Picard

Enjoys: The science of brewing beer, culturing own strain of yeast, organic chemistry problems, writing out the chemical compositions of illicit substances

Ideal First date: Enjoying a batch of my homemade beer with some Star Trek: Next Generation

Favorite TV show: Battlestar Galactica


Name: Ed, computer science

Looking for: super fine female with intelligence and a passion for compelling conversation and WOW (even my cat plays)

Favorite color: black

Favorite organism: none, I prefer cold, hard silicon chips

Hero: Bill Gates, and ashamedly Steve Jobs

Enjoys: programming, pointing out mistakes in movies that pretend to know about computers, pwning n00bs with my level 70 hunter night elf

Ideal first date: epic WOW battle, with pizza

Favorite TV show: Battlestar Galactica

To contact any of these eligible scientists, write AprilFools@scientificblogging.com