It’s 40 years this week since the Apollo astronauts landed on the moon. Analysis of the tapes shows that Neil Armstrong did say “small step for a man” – and not “small step for man” – though he said the “a” quickly and radio static obscured it.

As my small contribution to the space program, I’ll confirm that this can happen.

Evidence comes from a ski trip in Utah. After a day on the slopes, my sister’s family and mine repaired to a barbecue joint in downtown Park City. A waiter pushed three tables together to accommodate our group of nine.

As we enjoyed our meal, my niece Lara, then 18 years old, decided she wanted something. (What she wanted is lost to history; you’ll see why in a moment.) She walked over to her father’s place at the table and commenced to wheedle him. Playing the little girl, she sat in my brother-in-law’s lap and whispered in his ear.

At that moment, the maitre d’, not knowing they were father and daughter, passed by and remarked, “Do y’all need a room?” He said the “a” quickly, and general restaurant noise obscured it.

Hearing “Do y’all need room?,” brother-in-law replied, “We're all right, we’ve pushed these tables together.”

My sister was aghast. The other children were gagging themselves.

This has become a “family story,” recounted every Thanksgiving when we get together.

So there. It can happen.