So, currently, the US is hosting the world's largest naval excercises from Hawaii (RIMPAC 2012).

The New Zealand navy, amongst the other 22 nations participating, has been refused entry to Pearl Harbour, instead being made to moor its two participating vessels in the 'tourist' quarter of the harbour. How quaint!

So what did we do for this dubious honour? Oh, that's it - we took a stand against insanity. A stand against Weapons of Mass Destruction, and said "not in our waters".

I'm confused - I thought the US was a 'leader', not a 'follower'. For what is a policy of nuclear retaliation, other than following? A vengeance weapon. You launch against us, we will launch against you. And we mean it! Not kidding! We will do it - that is our policy.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the United States of America ANTI Weapons of Mass Destruction? Well, clearly NOT, because you HAVE them, and it is your official poicy to USE them if necessary. You send forth a mixed and confusing message all across the world.

There are those of us* on this planet who recognise how utterly useless atomic weapons are. The kind of folks you might find on the tourist side of Honolulu harbour. It seems we have been placed in good and appropriate company.

So I've got a question for US politicians and voters to consider this election...

Are you with us* or against us*?

* - Us: Those who recognise the useless insanity and hypocrisy of nuclear weapons.

Haven't forgotten you other crazies: