Alcohol Doesn't Cause Alzheimer's Disease, But It Sure Isn't Helping Any

A new study suggests alcoholism coupled with genetic susceptibility is associated with changes to gene expression indicative of disease progression in the brains of mice that are genetically predisposed to Alzheimer’s. When repeatedly exposed to intoxicati ...

Article - News Staff - Jun 12 2023 - 12:49pm

25 Years Later, Consciousness Wager Settled: Science Still Doesn't Know How Consciousness Arises

In 1998, a neuroscientist, Christof Koch, ...

Article - Mark Pierce - Jul 16 2023 - 11:39pm

Hypothalamus Differences In Obese People

Obesity is closing in on smoking and alcohol as the top killer among lifestyle diseases. Over 25 percent of the world is overweight and in countries like the UK and US, that number is approaching 70 percent. It is correlated to things like heart disease. I ...

Article - Hank Campbell - Aug 10 2023 - 1:16pm