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World Of Warcraft Is Antisocial? I Think Not

I recently read an article regarding a specific therapist's idea for a movement to treat World...

What The "Bystander Effect" Can Teach Us About Email Response Rates

I'll set the scene... You return to the office after a satisfying lunch, sluggishly move the mouse...

Define Comprehensive? The Stimulus Package, Early Learning Challenge Fund, And Longitudinal Data Systems

One component of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (AKA: Stimulus Package) still making...

Missing Links: Barriers to Academic Blogging

In the past several months I have been intellectually consumed with theidea of academic blogging...

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I am a researcher with a budding interest in the applications of new tech for social science research and academic discourse. I have an MA in Sociology from The George Washington University and... Read More »