Men are adopting some modern attitudes but in some ways they are still the same.  According to a new study on the current thoughts and attitudes of men in the UK, 89% of men surveyed thought that any girl they date should have marriage potential and 38% thought anyone they date shouldn’t have had more than 5 former lovers.

How very Victorian.   No question addressed how many former lovers men should have.   Let's assume it's 5X, as nature intended.

68% would not punch their boss in the face, even if they could get away with it, but only 50% would punch a colleague if they had the same opportunity.  Which is positively civilized.

Askmen 2009 survey

The survey by says that men are beginning to mix more traditional values about marriage and partnership, alongside more evolved views about sex, politics and technology.

78% regularly make an effort to be romantic, but slightly less gallant is the fact that 43% would dump their partner if she became fat and 24% would change the moodiness and nagging of their partner if they could.

The recession has had an impact too, with 64% of men concerned about debt.   As expected, economic issues make environmental ones take a back seat.   84% are only mildly concerned about green issues.

Recent political upheavals have taken their toll, 46% now considering voting for a non-major political party in the next general election and with a sideswipe at the government 41% think that Stephen Fry should be the next Prime Minister.

Sorry, Twitter (you too, television)

Only 18% are using the TV as the main portal for information and entertainment, with 75% using the computer screen as their main source - although 85% do not use Twitter.

"Our survey demonstrates how complex men are having to become in 2009. Core traditional values mixed with more liberal views seem to be the theme as men take a pick-and-mix attitude to morality and sexual behavior," commented Andrew Lubega, UK editor. "What is clear is that outside of the bedroom men are becoming more radical in their thinking - this survey is not good reading for Her Majesty, with 70% wishing to become citizens rather than subjects - and 46% seriously considering voting for a non major political party.  In fact 41% want Stephen Fry to become the next PM, such is their disenchantment with politics in general."

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