Dutch firm Nexus Technology enters the market for laptop accessories with a new patented liquid cooling solution. The TDD-9000 is a soft black velvet blanket with inside a gel-like liquid. The patented liquid has unique heat dissipating characteristics and works completely passive and noiseless.

"When you put the laptop cooling pad on your lap you will feel your lap turn colder within 10 seconds," says Michael van der Jagt, CEO of Nexus Technology. "The Taiwanese testing institute SGS Taiwan has done independent tests that support these claims. Their tests with a laptop of their choice show significant improvement in temperatures of the laptop's components, with improvements up to 17 degrees C."

SGS showed that their turned-on laptop reaches a temperature of 50 degrees C after 40 minutes on a regular surface, while on the TDD-9000 it reaches only 36 degrees C in 40 minutes. You can re-boost the cooling performance of the cooling pad by simply lifting it up and shake it every 20 minutes for optimal cooling.

The TDD-9000 liquid laptop cooling pad is a true portable solution. The cooling pad can be folded and easily carried with the laptop without the danger of scratching the laptop. It can be used anytime anywhere: in a train, in a plane, at home on the sofa... you will never have an uncomfortable warm lap due to your annoying hot laptop.

The Nexus TDD-9000 liquid cooling pad will be available from mid-June 2009 and will be in stores for EURO 19,95 incl VAT. More information can be found on www.stopthenoise.com

Distributors and retailers are requested to contact the Nexus headquarters in The Netherlands.

Nexus Technology has specialized in silent PC cooling solutions since 2000.   Other Nexus products are their real silent case fans, cpu coolers and power supplies.

Product link: http://www.nexustek.nl/NXS-TDD-9000_universal_patented_liquid_cooling_pa...