People who bake aren't fans of sugar substitutes. 'Equal' does well in hot things like coffee that just require absorption but, for the most part, sugar remains king in the oven.

Natur Research Foods Inc. announced that it has developed and is now distributing an all-natural sugar substitute, Natur Baker's Blend Natural Sweetener, for the purpose of baking.

According to their press release, it has 40 percent fewer calories than sugar and has been tested as low-glycemic. They say it bakes, rises, caramelizes, provides a crust and preserves similar to cane sugar.

"Natur Baker's Blend is another breakthrough in our natural sweetener portfolio, which both consumers and food manufacturers can immediately replace the use of cane sugar on a one-to-one basis and still enjoy the same sensory experience while consuming 40 percent fewer calories and maintain a low-glycemic response," said Loren Miles, chief executive officer of Natur Research Foods Inc.

Natur Baker's Blend is now available in select Sam's Club locations and is presently being used in bakeries and commercial baking manufacturers who are seeking to provide the diabetic market with a suitable replacement for artificial sweeteners while maintaining a natural taste profile similar to cane sugar.

After testing Natur Baker's Blend, the San Francisco Baking Institute stated, "Natur Baker's Blend is a promising new sweetener product which could be very helpful to bakers as well as home bakers to provide pastries and other baked goods for people who cannot eat products made with refined sucrose."

June Pagan of Los Angeles, California, the private celebrity chef to Elizabeth Taylor, Al Pacino and Diane Keaton states, "Natur Baker's Blend has excellent qualities for use in baking, and it offers the closest taste to sugar that I have experienced thus far."

Brian Bullwinkle, proprietor and master baker of The Boulevard Bakery in Merrimack, Massachusetts, who recently tested Natur Baker's Blend, said, "I made Hobie cakes and they came out excellent! The cakes are moist and taste amazing. Natur Baker's Blend exceeded my expectations. It formulated and baked very well, and the taste and texture was great. I gave a piece to one of my best customers and asked him what he thought. He said, "I think I want a dozen.' He's sold. He couldnat tell it was reduced calories."

"Natur Baker's Blend is a proprietary and patent-pending formula that represents one of the first natural sweeteners specifically for baking to be available as an alternative to cane sugar, sucralose and aspartame-based baking products," said Miles. "I believe demand for a natural baking sweetener will be a fast-growing segment of the market. Although each sweetener will have its own share of the universe, consumers, manufacturers and retailers will now have a natural and healthful choice with Natur Baker's Blend."