LONDON, June 18, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Well let's face it do you really think about getting 5 fruit and vegetables into your diet each day? We're hardly likely to remember to get 3 or 4 let alone the minimum standard of 5, research suggests that this is the bare minimum we should be including in our daily intake. So here at we've come up with our top 15 ways to ensure you get your 5 a day. Just another handy guide from the healthy active living site!

- Start the day with a glass of fresh, unsweetened fruit juice. Remember that it doesn't matter how much you drink it's still only 1 of the 5! - Chop fruit into your cereal. Not just a banana there are loads of fruits out there, strawberries, grated apple, or even tinned fruit (just not the ones in syrup) - Frozen Fruit - often forgotten, it's just as nutritious as the fresh variety - try leaving out a bowl overnight and having with yogurt in the morning. - Make a smoothie - add fresh or frozen fruit to yogurt and milk and blend - totally scrumptious! - Mashed banana's - on toast or in a sandwich, will make you dream of being young again. - Dried Fruit - cheap to buy and easy to keep you going on the move. - Always keep a piece of fruit with you on your travels. So much better than a service station bag of crisps. - Raw veggies - Snack on carrot sticks, celery and cucumber during the day - dip in salsa and you pack an even greater antioxidant punch. - Pile on the extra tomatoes and salad when ordering your lunchtime sarnie. - Try making, or failing that buying vegetable based soups for lunch. Great way to add more veggies into your diet. - Ensure you go have two vegetables with your main meal. The phrase meat and 2 veg does mean something... - Pre-prepared food - stuck for time. Keep either pre-prepared vegetables of bags or frozen vegetables at home. So much easier to add to a casserole or soup or a stir fry. - Have your finger on the pulse! Beans and pulses - kidney beans, lentils, chickpeas all count towards 1 of your 5 a day if included in a meal. - Go for a variety of colours - got a green salad? Just add tomatoes, red peppers, carrot's and get the broadest range of disease fighting phytochemicals on your plate, it will look good too. - Try something new each week - There are bound to be loads of vegetables and fruit that you've never tried. Vary what you eat, get a vegetable box delivered and make meals out of all the vegetables you been given.

Keeping some of these ideas up your sleeve each week when buying your food and looking ahead to each day will really maximise getting the right types of food into your diet. It is so important to have this minimum requirement to maintain a healthy active lifestyle! According to the UK Governments Advisory Committee there is moderate evidence to show that higher fruit and vegetable consumption will reduce the risk of colon, stomach, lung and oesophageal cancer. So don't avoid that fruit and veg aisle any longer!

For more information on and tips to lead a healthy active lifestyle, visit or contact Fiona Gibbins on +44(0)20-7202-7982 or email


CONTACT: For more information on and tips to lead a healthyactive lifestyle, visit or contact Fiona Gibbins on+44(0)20-7202-7982 or email