LONDON, November 25 /PRNewswire/ -- There are many ways you can improve your health, and just a few small changes can give big results. But there always seems to be conflicting advice concerning what is good for us, and the right ways to improve our health.

So, the team has compiled a list of 25 health-boosting tips which we believe to be pretty much incontrovertible! Doing a combination of our suggested activities will boost your health and improve your lifestyle and well-being - so try them out.

1. Reduce your fat intake. The effects of fat on our arteries and general health are pretty well known, so you should try to reduce your fat intake by changing your cooking methods. Try grilling, baking, steaming or poaching, rather than frying.

2. Improve your sleep. If you're having trouble sleeping, try cutting out alcohol or caffeine and other stimulants before you go to bed, as this can help you to nod off and get a good night's sleep. Also, adding a few drops of lavender oil onto your pillow at night has been shown to have relaxing effects.

3. Cut down on your salt intake. To reduce the impact of salt on your blood pressure, cut down on your salt intake. We suggest using herbs and spices such as oregano, nutmeg and paprika to season your food, rather than always adding salt. You may eventually find that you don't need to add salt at all!

4. Enjoy a glass of wine. Drinking just one or two glasses of wine a day is thought to cut your risk of heart disease by up to a third. Make sure you go for red or rose variety, as they contain much higher levels of antioxidants than your average glass of white wine.

5. Be good to your bones. A diet high in calcium and vitamin D will lead to strong bones and healthy nerves and muscles. Good sources of calcium and vitamin D include egg yolk, broccoli, oily fish and direct sunlight.

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