LONDON, December 8 /PRNewswire/ -- 3view today makes available to the UK market the world's first Internet connected HD set-top box with free-to-air capabilities. This means retail partners now have access to the first commercially available set-top box which combines the ability to receive high definition free-to air programming with a raft of Internet capabilities. This turns people's television into a connected device, allowing them to use a range of new TV over IP services. In addition, people will also be able to browse the web and keep up with Facebook and Twitter friends, all at the same time as watching both Standard and High Definition free-to-air television channels in the UK.

The 3View box provides users with access to HD television channels through a purpose built Interactive Programme Guide. Its also acts as a home hub and PVR, with 320 GB of storage allowing for hundreds of hours of TV to be recorded and watched back when desired. With 3view pausing or rewinding live TV is made easy, as well as featuring a dual tuner which will record one TV programme whilst another is being watched. In addition 3view's purpose-built search technology not only lets users search past and up and coming programme schedules, but also Youtube, pictures, movies and music on an associated home networked.

In addition to letting users view a range of web-based IPTV services, custom-built applications allow access to Internet services such as web-browsing, full-screen Youtube videos, live Facebook and Twitter updates and email. An optional plug-and-play keyboard and mouse also brings the experience closer to that of using a computer. Internet connectivity ensures any new widgets can be updated when they become available.

John Donovan, MD 3view Ltd, said With the channels of BBC HD and ITV HD being available in two UK regions since the beginning of December, people will be able to take advantage of this using the new 3view box to watch a whole range of content in high definition through their aerial. Not only this, but the 3View box also makes it even easier for people to access all the benefits of the Internet through their television, letting them surf the web and even use emerging communication tools such as Twitter and Facebook.

The company is making the device available to a variety of retail distribution channels, with the aim of having the first 3view box in high-street stores in March.

SOURCE: 3view

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