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- Acision Text Suite Enables Operator Messaging Differentiation and New Revenue Streams

Acision, the world's leading messaging company, today announces the launch of Acision Text Suite, the world's first open service text architecture. Acision Text Suite provides operators with the control and flexibility they need to extend their text messaging business to markets they couldn't effectively address before. Furthermore, Acision Text Suite allows operators to enrich their current subscriber services in order to differentiate in highly competitive markets and monetise messaging and network assets to grow their messaging business.

Instead of using the 'one size fits all' approach of current SMS architectures, Acision recognises that operators require tailored solutions to address the specific challenges of their individual markets. The modularity and scalability of Acision Text Suite, along with its powerful operational and business control capabilities, enables operators to build and evolve their SMS business environment to fit their specific market needs. This minimises capital expenditure and total cost of ownership while at the same time providing a solution that monetises messaging opportunities, short and long term, comments, Steven van Zanen, VP of Product Marketing at of Acision.

With its service creation environment, Acision Text Suite enables short time to market for new services and easy integration across a range of messaging bearers and third parties, including web and enterprise application providers. Acision Text Suite also provides access to new messaging capabilities such as real-time transactions for mobile payment applications, subscriber location, priority delivery and dialogue management, as well as central control over all messages in the core messaging architecture.

For mobile operators, text messaging is still the only truly successful data service, with traffic volumes increasing year on year. It is, therefore, vital that operators continue to leverage messaging by differentiating the SMS services they offer and exploiting their existing text messaging channel. With this in mind, Acision developed Acision Text Suite as an open service architecture which enables operators to easily expand their SMS business to parties who want to leverage the reach of SMS for the benefit of their businesses, continues van Zanen.

Today, Acision enables over 300 operators worldwide to run a successful text messaging business and supports the generation of over 50 per cent of all text messaging revenues. Acision expects that today's mobile messaging revenues are just the tip of a much larger iceberg and predicts that mobile messaging revenues have the potential to double from $84 billion to $165 million by 2011.

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