READING, England, February 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Acision, the world's leading messaging company, today announced its leadership in SMSC, the architecture behind the world's number one mobile data service, as calculated by Informa Telecoms Media. This validation coincides with the launch of Acision Message Controller, an exciting innovation in messaging, designed to provide operators with a single, consolidated platform that supports all messaging services (text, multimedia, group messaging, chat, e-mail and voicemail) over any network, including 4G, and any device.

Pamela Clark Dickson, Senior Analyst, Informa Telecoms Media, commented: Messaging remains the largest driver of data revenues for mobile operators today and Informa Telecoms Media forecasts that messaging revenues will continue to grow over the next five years, with SMS alone generating GBP73 billion (US$118.3 billion) by 2014. After extensive research, Informa has calculated that mobile messaging infrastructure vendor, Acision, is the global number one supplier of SMS solutions, with more than one-third market share in terms of announced SMSC contracts awarded by mobile operators*.

Messaging continues to prove its popularity and ubiquity as a preferred method of communication by consumers. The rise of 4G networks, like LTE and WiMAX, are expected to enhance its growth, says Taco Schoute, Head of Messaging at Acision. Mobile operators are well positioned to enrich their mobile service offerings and messaging will be a main driver of connectivity for these new services. As consumers demand instant communication and information, and businesses look to establish a dialogue with mobile users, messaging is expected to become integrated more deeply into our daily lives. In order to manage this evolution, operators need to offer secure, differentiated and converged messaging services, while managing network complexity and retaining profitability.

To enable operators to future-proof their networks and seamlessly deliver innovative new messaging services and drive up revenue streams, Acision has launched Acision Message Controller, a key component of Acision's new Open Services Architecture. With Acision Message Controller, Acision delivers a critical network element in the evolution of messaging to broadband networks and provides the operator with a single solution that supports all messaging services over any network and any device.

Acision's Message Controller is Acision's basis for the next step in messaging, commented Taco Schoute. It simplifies the messaging architecture for operators enabling them to future-proof their network. Introducing Acision Message Controller in today's environment creates network optimization and cost reduction, delivering the essential features for building new seamless services and revenue streams. Moreover, it addresses the operator's evolving needs of bridging 2G/3G to 4G networks by supporting existing mass market services, such as SMS and MMS, while leveraging the opportunity of new IP based services like group messaging and RCS. This again is demonstrating that Acision is at the forefront of innovation in messaging.

Notes to editors

*Informa Telecoms Media's research into SMSC contracts and deployments is based on direct contact with SMSC vendors and operators as well as published information from both parties confirming contracts. In some cases, contracts are confirmed at the time of deployment, or even sometime afterwards.

About Acision Message Controller

As a key component of Acision's Open Services Architecture, the Acision Message Controller provides high-speed/high-volume messaging capabilities, multi-network connectivity, convergence and cross-network routing, as well as the ability to optimise and control message flows all through its advanced routing and delivery capabilities. On top of that, it offers built-in network enhancements, like spam and fraud control, message delivery, home-routing and service triggering. By intelligently orchestrating messaging traffic, the Message Controller delivers a fully converged, secure messaging experience, which can be highly personalised for individual users based on their personal settings and subscription type.

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