STOCKHOLM, Sweden, November 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Swedish researchers at Taurus Energy, SEKAB, Chalmers Technical University and the University of Lund have signed an agreement on development and large scale implementation of a new improved bio-technical process for production of ethanol from lignocellulose feedstocks. The development is based on Taurus' yeast technology for fermentation of both six- and five-carbon sugars.

Ethanol based on lignocellulose is a second generation bio-fuel. It is the most efficient fuel in terms of reducing dependence on fossil-fuels as well as the impact on environment without affecting food supplies.

Our aim is to be amongst the first in the world to demonstrate a pentose-fermenting technology suitable for efficient commercial production of ethanol based on agriculture and forestry waste, says Lars Welin, President and CEO at Taurus Energy AB. Pentose-fermenting yeasts can substantially improve the ethanol yield.

The cooperation shall verify that Taurus' pentose technology, a field in which the company already has several patents and patent applications, works in an industrial environment.

Increased efficiency

Taurus technology is an opportunity to significantly increase the efficiency of ethanol production from raw materials rich in pentose compared with present methods, says Jan Lindstedt, technical director at SEKAB. The yield could be improved up to 40 percent and thereby creating a cheaper and more environmentally friendly fuel.

The development incorporates large scale testing over a longer period at the SEKAB pilot plant in order to adapt this technology to industrial conditions. The technology has been tested on a gram and litre laboratory scale with good results. It will now be evaluated on 10 cubic metre scales.


SEKAB is undertaking a world leading development of bio-refining technologies and processes for the production of ethanol from non-food cellulosic bio-mass feedstocks. A second generation bio-ethanol pilot plant is operating since 2004. SEKAB is also a leading European supplier of renewable fuel. Head office and pilot plant are located in Ornskoldsvik, Sweden.

About Taurus Energy AB

Taurus Energy AB is a research and development company whose aim is to commercialise the extensive research and development work related to ethanol production. Taurus has tens of world-leading patents. The company is based in Lund, Sweden. Taurus is quoted on the Swedish stock market Aktietorget.

For further information please contact:

Lars Welin, President and CEO. Taurus Energy AB, +46-(0)46-286-86-10

Jan Lindstedt, Technical director SEKAB, +46-(0)660-751-93

For further information please contact; Lars Welin, President and CEO. Taurus Energy AB, +46-(0)46-286-86-10; Jan Lindstedt, Technical director SEKAB, +46-(0)660-751-93