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- Using its flagship product RulePoint(R), Agent Logic provides non-technical cyber analysts with a real-time multi-INT operational view of cyber threats

Agent Logic today announced the availability of its new multi-INT cyber threat analysis solution based on its award-winning RulePoint software. The solution represents yet another innovation for the Company, using its Complex Event Processing (CEP) capabilities to deliver real-time intelligence to non-technical staff while bridging the gap between cyber threat information and traditional sources of intelligence. Agent Logic has harnessed its software products, experience, and best practices in multi-INT processing for national security to deliver a tailored solution that helps organizations understand and thwart tactical and strategic threats to cyber infrastructure.

Today, timing is everything. As a result, analysts cannot wait for IT to re-program rules or systems. Using Agent Logic's cyber solution, non-technical cyber analysts can correlate data collected by the tools used by traditional network security analysts with sensor feeds, geospatial data, field reports, internal databases, and other relevant data sources. This multi-INT analysis capability enables the cyber analyst to develop the same operational picture that characterizes conventional intelligence disciplines, such as counter-terrorism, maritime domain awareness, and weapons proliferation. Leveraging RulePoint's web-based capabilities, analysts with different expertise, such as low-level network analysts and strategic intelligence analysts, can easily collaborate and share relevant information as needed across domains.

Agent Logic has a great reputation and track record for solving complex intelligence problems, said Bob Flores, former Chief Technology Officer of the Central Intelligence Agency, and currently CEO of Appicology. They have once again risen to the challenge by utilizing RulePoint to improve situational awareness of critical events. Their solution will be a key part of any organization's arsenal where the mission is to minimize or eliminate cyber threats, he said.

The cyber solution uses RulePoint to streamline the collection, analysis, and dissemination of key intelligence events across cyber and non-cyber data. Analysts create rules that ingest events, derived from traditional network security tools such as intrusion detection systems, firewalls, and other forensic type tools, and combine these events with other intelligence sources to identify and correlate events of interest, escalate responses, pass along data to other systems, add to watch lists, or present in geospatial contexts.

Michael Appelbaum, Agent Logic's CEO, said, Using our software, non-technical cyber intelligence analysts can instantly create and change personalized rules that correlate incoming data feeds on-the-fly. By applying these capabilities simultaneously across disparate sources such as network threat tools, traditional intelligence data, internal repositories, and watch lists, analysts are provided with a more accurate, actionable, and timely threat picture. This powerful advance in automated threat detection, opportunity discovery, and collective intelligence enables the government to effectively connect cyber threat data with existing information assets-creating situational dominance and ultimately improving the security of our country.

To learn more about Agent Logic's intelligence solution for the asymmetric cyber-warfare threat, visit and download the white paper, Collective Intelligence-The Cyber Intelligence Threat Deterrent.

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Founded in 1999, Agent Logic provides award-winning Operational Intelligence (OI) with RulePoint(R), its user-driven Complex Event Processing (CEP) software. The company's focus is on empowering the end user by providing simple and effective ways to obtain Operational Intelligence without involving IT personnel. Agent Logic's easy-to-use CEP software enables OI solutions for commercial and U.S. national security initiatives in complex environments requiring world-class reliability, scalability, security, flexibility, and speed of deployment.

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