BARCELONA, May 27 /PRNewswire/ --

- AGORA(TM) Optimizes Real Time Supervision and Control of Electrical Transmission and Distribution Networks

- AGORA(TM) is Key to Avoid Major Black-Outs in California

BARCELONA, May 27 /PRNewswire/ --

The Spanish group, Aplicaciones en Informática Avanzada (AIA), announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted them a patent on AGORA(TM) (Advanced Grid Observation Reliable Algorithms), its system to operate electric transmission networks.

AGORA(TM) is working on the electric power grid of California through our US subsidiary, EleQuant, Inc. The granting of this patent marks a milestone for AIA by acknowledging that our model optimizes control and minimizes losses in electric power grids, stated Regina Llopis, Chairman and CEO, AIA.

AGORA(TM) offers proven solutions to the challenges faced by electric utilities operating high voltage grids and companies distributing mid and low voltage. Electrical grid networks have become more complex with the growth of renewable energy sources, intelligent meters and control elements like Facts (Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System), which require new intelligent tools to optimize operations.

AGORA(TM) represents a new generation solution for network operations, increasing the reliability of the transmission networks and dramatically decreasing the risk of congestion, instability, or voltage collapse. It also provides real-time support to blackout restoration.

AGORA(TM) is based on an innovative LFA (Load Flow Algorithm) which is deterministic, non-iterative, non-ambiguous and capable of solving complex multi-node calculations, even in situations near voltage collapse. This algorithm has important advantages relative to the traditional Newton-Raphson method, and provides reliable and exact information.

About AIA

AIA specializes in solving complex problems in the energy, financial services, healthcare, and telecommunications sectors. In Europe, AIA has developed innovative solutions for intelligent electric grid observation and operation, forecasting electric power demand and optimizing hydro-electric power.

AIA began operations in the US in 2002 establishing its subsidiary, EleQuant Inc. in San Francisco. Following the US patent, EleQuant will bring to market its products for utilities, as well as for independent ISO operators, regional transmission operators, and other companies involved in the operation and distribution of electricity in the US and Canada.

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Media Contact: Pinies Aguilar, +34-91-183-2101, .

Media Contact: Pinies Aguilar, +34-91-183-2101, .